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/gross noises/


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some doodles~


He wagged his tail more, walking by Jack’s side. An elephant? He snorted in amusement, shaking his head as if to shake away water. He looked up at Jack, tongue lolling out of his mouth. ‘What if he doesn’t like me as a human? What if he gets scared?’ Koz thought to himself. His tail stopped at those sad thoughts. He followed Jack without a sound or complaint.

They finally reached his home and Sera, as always, let them in, glaring at Koz. He took her sleeve in his teeth and led her off to the master bedroom. “Hold on, Jack, I’ll be back.” She called. She waited for her father to come out. “Sera. I have to tell him.” He whispered as he opened the door. “I can’t keep meeting him like… Like this!” He added. “Dad, you can’t! He could tell someone!” She hissed back. He sighed. “But I have to!” He said, scooting by her. She growled. he was hopeless. He was dressed in casual clothes, and he walked out. “Hello! I’m Seraphina’s father. It’s nice to meet you in person.” He said. “She’s told me a bit about you.” He added, holding his hand out.

This wasn’t… usual. At times, the dog would block his path from leaving, at times the beast would even drag him to the floor and lay in him— as if doing so would ground him some how, but never was he left actually alone without any attention in the woman’s house before. With a feeling almost alluding to him like he was invading past his limits, Jack stuffed his hands into his pockets and shifted his weight from one foot to another to pass the time.

And when the female, Sera, returned… she wasn’t exactly alone. But the company that she did keep was not the dog either. Had she locked him away for the time being? Whatever the case, his attention wavered onto the tall man beside her. How… unusual. But he saw the family resemblance through their similar cheekbones and sharp features. “T’s nice to meet you, sir.” The young man added before he could be caught staring, almost puzzled as he took the man’s large hand with his own for a friendly shake.

"I’ve come by countless times to return your dog, I can’t believe we haven’t met before. But uh— I’m Jack." 

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Blackice/Goldenfrost Hybrid Week: Day 2!Jealousy/Possessiveness

Blackice/Goldenfrost Hybrid Week: Day 2!

@Askpitchandjack || Closed RP 


Snorting loudly he replied simply by blowing air against the others ear, grinning wide for a moment as his arms tightened around Jays chest and allowed him movement to lay flush against the others back, his nose pressed against the teens shoulder where it sloped into his neck and there he stayed for a moment, purposefully holding still with neither a movement that told of something sexual or teasing, not something highly unusual for the white haired teen but not common either, but he felt more emphatic today and hoped Jay’s cuddly side was more present then his stoic one.

"and you…are just as grumpy as ever, but you don’t hear me complaining" he mumbled out against Jays warm skin, that was another variety that singled them out from each other, the fact his own skin was borderline ivory and usually cold while his twin was hues of warmth that he usually excluded to whoever was close by or he was fond of. Though, he could see why it would be horrible to have your twins freezing feet pressed against your warmer legs, he didn’t think it was the cruel of him and for that he made sure to let his feet crawl further up until he was practically curler around Jay’s form, his head dissapearing beneath the blankets as he made a lazy but happy sound.

"you have any plans…ah…today or do I get a lay in with my personal heater?" the teen yawned openly, a smug smile could be heard in his tone even as he moved to press his cheek against Jays back, always the one to be in odd positions for comfort.

The air blown into his ear was earned its own deserved shiver as it rained goose flesh down his neck. Jay raised a had and let wander a slender finger, grazing it down the span of one of the arms curled securely around his abdomen. Things were routine like this. The pair, lying partnered in each other’s arms, were comfortable in their securities and tendencies towards one another. They’d always been this way— sure a little strange for twins to share such fondness fr each other in high school, but that was the least of their worries now. 

"I’m not grumpy." The brunet defended, nudging his shoulder blade back to tap at the nose nuzzled into his warm flesh. "I just like being woken up by cold toes stabbing into my calves." And even as Jack and Jay were nearly identical, their actual physical attributes could never be anymore different. Out of the ordinary enough, they were fraternal twins birthed with nearly identical faces and stature. But, beyond that, Jay’s hues lied on the warm spectrum with ambers and chesnets while Jack’s albinism held him with pale blues and stark whites. 

Another thing which was worth being mentioned were their body temperatures lying on ends of the extremes. Jack always felt nearly too cold to be functioning and Jay’s too warm to be comfortable. But together, they balanced soundly. Even with the little minx’s legs basically snaked around his waist, sending a cool shock up his spine. “Hmm…” The younger twin paused in mock thought for a moment, followed by a sleepy yawn and a shake of the head. “No plans that I can think of… Looks like you got me all to yourself… Lucky you~”

And if he was being forced to remain anymore in this situation, well, he was going to get comfortable as well. So Jay wriggled from where he lay until he was able to face his brother; his nose deciding its place in nuzzling into the crook of Jack’s neck.