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There were many things Brunnie disliked, and being caught confused was pretty high on her list. She wasn’t sure what to do about the white-haired teen that laid sprawled out and unconscious on her couch bed. Normally, she probably would have employed a broom to coax an intruder out of her shoppe, but the panting and the dark circles told her he was sick. She didn’t want to throw him out, but at the same time how did he break into the Shoppe? “Um… What?”

Yes, Jack was certain he was dying then and there on the spot… well, at least he wanted to. If this was sickness after shying passed it over 318 consecutive years… he couldn’t imagine how it would impact him any other time alone. Yes, death was something he could look forward to and greet with open arms. 

Jack needed somewhere to stay— he could trust no place else. Anywhere found outside would be somehow ruined by bright lights that would make his aching body even more of a discomfort or loud noises that were, of course, not welcome. Inside was a best bet… and he did not have a home of his own. he had no place else. He had no one else. he was by himself for this, hopefully he would not need much. The teen would just sleep quietly and await death. 

The first place he spotted a quaint little shoppe with an open window. Now, he was rarely seen so he found his actions to not be a problem around this point. Out of sight, out of mind. The spirit collapsed right at the sight of a decently comfortable surface… And his uncomfortable sleep was suddenly disrupted when a voice spoke up. Oh great, hallucinations? Batting away sleep filled eyes, he sat up. A lazy hand rubbed across his burning brow then cool hands to his pink cheeks. “Nnngh. Melting.” Literally, almost. Hands crossed his abdomen to the hem of his frosted blue sweater.

And with one swift tug up, the clothing was just over his head… that’s when his glacier blue hues laid onto a female… that was staring at him. Him. Well… that was unexpected. His aching body just froze on the spot; arms still above his head with his hoodie in hand. 

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    Okay. This wasn’t some fever induced hallucination. This was indeed a live event and it was insistent on bothering him...
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    If nothing else, Brunnie considered herself to be a person of adaption with a firm grasp on reality. She prided herself...
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